Why did I start this???

Hi Friends….and Foes alike…

I have always wished to own a blog…..Blogger, WordPress and the likes made it easy by creating platforms, but I have been guilty of procrastinating. Welcome to my blog anyway…and beware of PROCRASTINATION in all you do.

Be The Boss aims to encourage you to be on top of your game in all things you do….In your personal life, your career, touching people’s lives, making money, getting good deals and all the rest…

Guess what… I am starting this blog at a village location where internet is slow, work pressure is hectic and other constraints stare me in the face. But I have decided to find TIME out of NO TIME to give birth to this blog. In essence, my lesson for us today is to do away with Procrastinating.

A great man once said “Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today”.

Let our cruise begin