Taking Stock and Being the Real Boss in 2012 – Several Opportunities

As I write this, the firecrackers heralding the arrival of 2012 have already been released in Australia and some regions around that hemisphere. Several people in Nigeria and other equally religious African countries are heading for the cross-over service, while I am thinking of how to give my audience great tips to lead and help them through the year. It is just before noon on New Year’s Eve in New York and a few other cities in the US. Bottomline – 2012 is upon us.
The first personal philosophy I will give you is to get a PHD – meaning Prayer, Hard work and Determination. It has worked for me and keeps working. In 2012, pray harder, work harder and ensure that you do not fall by the way side when things get tough. Remind yourself that “It can only get better”.
For Job seekers…
For the young people in my generation, not having a daily job is something very demoralizing. I know people in Nigeria whom have graduated with good grades and completed national service, but are yet to land a job. I understand how this feels, but the best you can do is to keep trying. My first advice to you is to update your resume/curriculum vitae; ensuring that you include volunteer jobs and other vocational activities. As much as possible, ensure that there are no wide time gaps in your CV’s. Another advice from a veteran on CNN says that you should take jobs outside your field, internships or other areas, just to keep you busy.  
Also, search for jobs in non-traditional areas and make unsolicited applications. You never know who will see your CV. Also, endeavour to distribute your CV’s in soft copies, rather than hard copies as the former tends to move faster and reach places you never imagine. While still seeking this job, online areas where you can make real justified cash with your skills, without any capital investment include:
The websites above are just a few of the sites where you can make clean money from, while you keep searching for jobs. Try them out simultaneously. You never know if this will be your passage to wealth. You can get in touch for further information or reference links to help you get started. However, all these sites are DIY styled.
For Entrepreneurs and 9japreneurs
Another group of young people that I love and consider part of my constituency are entrepreneurs and business owners. My advice to this group as 2012 rolls in:
·         De-brief your current business model and see if you can make things better than they were previously;
·         Keep your team – employees – happy, make them feel respected, listen to their thoughts and have one-day retreats at least every six months. If practicable, grant them part ownership of your business.
·         Create and improve an online presence for your business. Willing to share web marketing tools with my readers…It works…for real;
·         Read the ENTREPRENEUR magazine. It is a great free resource for aspiring and current business owners. Visit www.entrepreneur.com.
For Students….
Seek to make the very best of grades while in school and also think about starting a business in your field or area of core competence. Remember that good grades will give you a chance to get a fully-paid scholarship for your Masters. I am also hoping that I can kick-start the first student entrepreneur funding boot-camp before the year runs out.
For everybody….
Some of the greatest websites I have come across in 2012 & 2011, and will continue to visit in 2012 include:
www.opportunitiesforyouth.org – Great Resource for all things
www.entrepreneur.com – Wonderful for biz owners.
www.wordpress.com; www.suite101.com and www.blogger.com – Gives you wings to launch your writing, blogging and business career online.
Make sure you try them out. There is so much more out there. I have just decided to share with you the few ones I have tested, tried and TRUST. Be kind enough to include your own tips in the comments section.
Remember. Be the Boss in 2012. It can only get BETTER.

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