“The dreams of yesterday (past) are the hopes of today (present) and also the realities of tomorrow (future)”. With this wise quote which I strongly believe in and always live true to its words when dreams are vigorously and positively pursued, as I hope my dream Nigeria becomes a reality before the middle of the next decade.

Some of the credentials of my dear country, Nigeria, include being the “giant of Africa”, blessed with top-notch human resources, world’s seventh and Africa’s largest producer/exporter of crude oil, unrivalled world over in terms of abundance of food crops and mineral resources, most populous black nation in the world, geographically immune from major natural disasters, a land of tropical rainforests, fertile soils, lenient weathers, lush green savannah grasslands, breathtaking landscapes etc. and the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, this much is yet to fully impact positively on the wellbeing of her citizens and the country as an entity thus representing a situation which is a far cry from my DREAM NIGERIA. The Nigeria of my dreams is one where every child can access quality education at least up to secondary school level, where every household can afford adequate housing, feeding and clothing, where unemployment and corruption is reduced to the barest minimum, one where public office holders truly hold offices in trust for the people, where every positive thought can be brought to reality in good time, where merit and respect for the rule of law is held sacrosanct.

This is to mention a few as the picture of my dream Nigeria cannot be fully painted here by words.  In my strongest belief, the panacea towards a better and even better Nigeria is positive change in all aspects of our National life. A step change in the orientation of all citizens (both the leaders and the followers) through a re-evaluation of our value system is highly important. Honesty, Integrity and hard work should be respected and rewarded instead of idolizing money-bags and those with connections regardless of how they are made.

Conscious efforts by every Nigerian to do the right thing at the right time in his/her own little corner will definitely place the country on the path to greatness.  Doing all these and even more will make our blessed heart of Africa a much better place to live in, assure a hopeful future for millions of Nigerian children, give greater hope to the multitude of virile youths abound, rekindle memories of the good old days in the mind of the elderly and above all BREATHE LIFE INTO THE NIGERIA OF MY DREAMS.  These, and an even better picture, I keep dreaming and hoping of in quest for a greater Nigeria.


The Art of Discipline – A Critical Ingredient For Success

Guess what…Sometimes we really need to be reminded of those things we already know in order to put it into practice in this fast paced world which is currently filled with several distractions. Enjoy this little piece on DISCIPLINE.

In my journey through life, I have noticed that the word “discipline” in title case above is a very essential ingredient towards achieving goals and being successful in life. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the noun Discipline is “a form of training that molds, corrects or perfects the mental faculties or moral character”. Take note of the key words correct, mold or perfect which are pointers to success.

This principle can be effectively applied in all aspects of our lives in order to achieve success, be it in the search for a job, in a weight loss program, or while preparing for an examination. In this regard, it is also synonymous with consistency as you have to continue with that training form over time in order to achieve success. It is common knowledge that “little drops of water makes an ocean”. That is due to the consistency of the drops, which eventually leads to an accumulation.

In essence, if you wish to achieve success in life, you need to be really disciplined. The best way to achieve this is by analyzing your objectives, breaking it down into small tasks which can be completed in relatively short periods. Then assign time lines to these tasks and stick to them religiously. This is where the disciplinary principle really comes in, as you have to follow up and complete these tasks within specific time frames.

Remember that the only time you can really lay claim to is NOW…Yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow is only an expectation, which you are not assured of. Your time to make an impact is NOW. With discipline, everything is possible. The world is yours. Take it.