Bootstrapping 101

Happy 2013…

Have you always wanted to start a business but find yourself unsure of the best way to proceed? Do you currently hold a 9-5 job, but have that burning desire to start out and become your own boss?

I understand how you feel and have always wanted to write a superb blog on “bootstrapping” because that is what you really need if you are in this situation. Trust me, I have been there before. According to the investopedia website, Bootstrapping refers to “a situation in which an entrepreneur starts a company with little personal capital. An individual is said to be boot strapping when he or she attempts to found and build a company from personal finances or from the operating revenues of the new company”. For me, it can also be that phase when you run your business all by yourself while still working at your regular day job.

Though, I am not ready to give the superb “Bootstrapping 101” class yet, I felt I should share useful bootstrapping insights from this link as it is a really helpful article on the topic; written by an accomplished business owner, Matt Barrie, the founder and Chief Executive at

Included here also is a very useful article on bootstrapping that gives you tips on How to find the optimal workspace, the right partner, hire sales people and even contractors.

Let me know your thoughts on this and the key challenges you are facing with bootstrapping today.