Article: Eight Reasons Startup Incubators Are Better Than Business School

Eight Reasons Startup Incubators Are Better Than Business School

Sometimes, I come across some really interesting reads that I feel compared to share with this reader community. I am not against pursing business school dreams, but just feel I should let people have a feel of what options they have, if they are really desirous of starting a venture.

I look forward to the day when we would have a solid business incubator in the key cities of Nigeria. Really wishing and planning to start a launchpad for Nigerian entrepreneurs soon. Just hope everything falls into place.


Africa as a Gun! Nigeria is the trigger

Ever thought about this. Stop wondering about the title and let’s get started.

Turn the African map anti-clockwise by 90 degrees.

The shape becomes a gun and Nigeria is the trigger. In my head or hypothetically, this tells me that Nigeria can be the real Giant of Africa and a hotbed for all things positive. All we need to do is to drive change within ourselves, in our homes and in our societies.

We have the largest market the Africa, almost half the population of the United States, very good weather conditions, very good soils and land across the country, abundant natural resources, smart and hard working people. All these can be used to move the nation to the next level.

Though, we currently lack directional leadership and good infrastructure, but we can start taking steps to change things for the better. Think about businesses that will not only bring profits to you but also benefit the society in general. We can be the real trigger of the world, if we come together and work to achieve a common goal.

Lets think about it, and act to drive positive change within our constituencies.