The Art of Discipline – A Critical Ingredient For Success

Guess what…Sometimes we really need to be reminded of those things we already know in order to put it into practice in this fast paced world which is currently filled with several distractions. Enjoy this little piece on DISCIPLINE.

In my journey through life, I have noticed that the word “discipline” in title case above is a very essential ingredient towards achieving goals and being successful in life. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the noun Discipline is “a form of training that molds, corrects or perfects the mental faculties or moral character”. Take note of the key words correct, mold or perfect which are pointers to success.

This principle can be effectively applied in all aspects of our lives in order to achieve success, be it in the search for a job, in a weight loss program, or while preparing for an examination. In this regard, it is also synonymous with consistency as you have to continue with that training form over time in order to achieve success. It is common knowledge that “little drops of water makes an ocean”. That is due to the consistency of the drops, which eventually leads to an accumulation.

In essence, if you wish to achieve success in life, you need to be really disciplined. The best way to achieve this is by analyzing your objectives, breaking it down into small tasks which can be completed in relatively short periods. Then assign time lines to these tasks and stick to them religiously. This is where the disciplinary principle really comes in, as you have to follow up and complete these tasks within specific time frames.

Remember that the only time you can really lay claim to is NOW…Yesterday is gone forever and tomorrow is only an expectation, which you are not assured of. Your time to make an impact is NOW. With discipline, everything is possible. The world is yours. Take it.