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Insightful Advice on Building your Business

Below, you will find very short, solid and practical advice on building a business. 

“Figure out if anybody cares about what you are doing first. It can be exciting to start a business but I have wasted a lot of time building businesses around solutions to problems no one else thinks are worth paying for. You should start by saying, I have a hypothesis, and then go out and get feedback. Don’t stop or get paralyzed when you get your first “no,” but listen to the underlying reasons. When I worked in business development at Motorola, I would ask, “If we could create a product with these features for this price, would you be interested?” Let people react to the hypothesis. The true driver then becomes: Are they willing to put their money into it? When? Do they ask how quickly they can have it? You want to see an “I need it now” response versus a “Sure, that would be nice.”

Also, when you are coming from left field with something new, like we did with Springboard — the first venture conference just for women entrepreneurs — a lot of people will tell you ‘that’s a stupid idea’ or ‘that can’t be done.’ You need to surround yourself with orthogonal thinkers who can cross boundaries and are open to new ideas. They are able to see what is possible.”

Please note that this extract is from the full interview with Denise Brosseau originally published here.